28 WAYS TO MAKE A Girl Smile...(for boys)

28 WAYS T0 MAKE A Girl Smile . And with good answers J

[1] tell her she is Beautiful. not hot or fine.
Cupid Dude I prefer calling any girl hot!

[2] hold her hand at ANY moment even if it is just for a second.
Abe ek sec haath pakadne mein bhi current lagta hai

[3] Kiss her on the forehead
I surely would love to do so.... Blow A Kiss

[4] leave her voice messages to wake up to. Sorry cant do that. Reliance dosent have this feature

[5] ALWAYS tell her you love her at any & and all times.
I Love You I Love You I Love You I Love You Pagal hai kya piche hi pad jayegi

[6] when she is upset, hold her tight & tell her how much she means to u
Big Hug Dude leave a girl when she is upset.... otherwise all the anger gets diverted to you

[7] recognize the small things ..they usually mean the most.
Sorry boss mujhe badi badi baatein to yaad nahin rehti....how can i remember small things

[8] call her Sweetie or BABY
Sweetheart This I can do ;-)

[9] Sing to her no matter how horrible your voice is
Opera Dude do you want the girl to stay there at least for a day with me or not?

[10] pick her over all the OTHER girls you hang out with
Then how do I get new girls in life?

[11] write her notes. (she loves them)
You Are My Love I surely would love to do that.... i am starting to do it by taking notes at least for my project

[12] introduce her to family & friends as your girlfriend
Wah beta tu to shaadi karwa ke hi rahega meri

[13! ] play with her hair.
Abe haath fas jate hain.... .

[14] pick her up, tickle her, & play WRESTLE with her.
Koi whistle karna sikha do plzzzzzz

[15] sit in the park & just TALK to her.
Its too hot in delhi....aur agar park mein gaye to policewale ko paise tu dega?

[16] tell her funny jokes, tell her stupid jokes, just tell her joke
That I can do..... kinda joke in myslef only

[17] throw pebbles at her window in the middle of the night just because u missed her.
I Miss You Yeah yeah so that her dad wakes up n makes m pay for the broken window

[18] let her fall asleep in your arms
I prefer sleeping before the gal....mere ! ko kaafi neend aati hai.... n girls talks...they make me even more sleepy

[19] carve your names into a TREE.
Gurgaon mein ped pehle dikha de

[20] if she`s mad. Kiss her
! gadhe is she is mad..... r u nuts that rue still going around with her

[21] give her piggyback rides
Aur agar 60 kg ki hui to :-(

[22] bring her flowers just because
Bouquet They are free....

[23] treat her the same around your friends as you do when you`re alone
abe gadhe....there are a lotta things which you shld do in private....thappad khilayega kya?

[24] look her in the eyes & Smile
In Love Look in her eyes and laugh...girls are funny yaar

[25] let her take as many pictures as she wants
Yeah with the digicam you can do that..... but then keeping them without losing them..... kinda diff job

[26] SL0W DANCE with her, even if there isn't any music playing
Log pagal samjhenge

Blow A Kiss Hmmmm....that I can think of

[28] if you`re in love with her tell her
If you are in love kill yourself.... thats better !!


  1. very nice yar
    manna padega.............aapko..........waise aapke dimag me ye ideas aaye kaha se.........

  2. Pagal samja hai kya
    ye trick apna oo gay. To jo chance ho ga wo bhi jayega.
    Aaj kaal ki ladki bhut smart ho gayi hai. Paisa dikha aao aur ladki patao simple.