Ek Pyari Si Surat, Ek Masum Sa Chehra

Ek Pyari Si Surat, Ek Masum Sa Chehra

Ek Pyari Si Surat, Ek Masum Sa Chehra,
Do Jheel Si Ankhe, Kuchh Mithi Mithi Baate,
Ek Nazuk Ada, Kuchh Masti Kuchh Maza,
Thodi Si Shrarat, Bahut Sari
Mohabbat, Ek Bholi Si Muskan, Ooncha Udne Ka Armaan,
Sabse Alag Sabse Juda, Jiski Hai Pyari Har Ek Ada

Jab Koi Khayal Dil Se Takrata Hai

Jab koi khayal dil se takrata hai
Dil na chah ker bhi khamosh rah jata hai
koi sab kuch kah ker pyar jatata hai
koi kuch na kahker bhi sab bol jata hai

Ager Kabhi Janna Chaho!!

Ager kabhi tum jaan na chaho ke
Tum mere liye kiya ho tu sun lo
Meri har saans mein tum ho
meri har dhadkan mein tum ho
meri har aahat mein tum ho
meri har chahat mein tum ho
mere har lafz mein tum ho

Har naam tumhara naam hai
Har baat tumhari baat hai
Har lafz jo mere lab per hai
Wo tumhara kaha huwa hai

Har lamehin mere zahen mein tum ho
Har khawab mein tum ho
Har nazar mein tum ho
Har lamhein mere khayyalon mein tum ho

Har Yaad Tumhari Yaad Hai

Har yaad tumhari yaad hai
Har yaad mein tumhare yaadein hein
Har chehre mein tumhara chehra hai
Har sitare mein lagta hai k
Tumhara kangan chamak raha hai
Har khushboo tumhare badan ki khushboo lagti hai
Chand mein tumhara chehra dikhta hai
Meri her aadat tumhari aadat hai
Mera yeh jivan tumhare naam hai
Meri zindagi tumhare naam hai
Meri zindagi tum se hai
Meri pehli aur aakhri Mohabbat tum ho!

Why Should I Have To Cry For You

Why should I have to cry for you
You were the one who have to cry for me
You lost a very special friend
And that is me you wont understand this now
When you feel all alone and when u needs some one
Then you will understand what you lost
All the time I was the one
Who used to handle u but now
I won’t cry for you for leaving you all alone
U should learn everything by your own from now
There is no one to hide your mistakes
Now its u r turn show up what u are
Re u dead re u insane, you are very much alive
You are not deaf u can hear me
And I know u can understand
I am not feeling bad I won’t feel bad too
Its you are wish how u behave with me
We used be best friends right

No! Only I used to think that
We re best friends u be happy
But u know i too have a heart
Even i am a human i am not robot
To forget u easily why this always
Happens to me why did u cheat me
Am I not fit for you are friendship
Then why didn’t you said it straight
I never asked u anything
Just answer me one thing
What am i to u?

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