Naseeb Apna Bana Le Mujh Ko

Apne Haathon Ki Lakeeron Mai Basa Le Mujh Ko

Mai Hoon Tera To, Naseeb Apna Bana Le Mujh Ko

Mai Jo Kaanta Hoon To, Chal Mujh Se Bacha Ker Daman

Mai Hon Agar Phool, To Jorey Mai Saja Le Mujh Ko

Mai Khule Darr K Kisi Ghar Ka Hoon Samaan, Pyare!

Tu Dabey Paaon Kabi Aake Chura Le Mujh Ko

Mujh Se Tu Puchne Aaya Hai Wafa K Ma'ani

Ye Teri Sada-Dili Na Maar Dale Mujh Ko

Mai Samandar B Hoon, Moti B Hoon, Gota-Zann B

Koi B Naam Le Ke Bula Le Mujh Ko

Khood Ko Mai Baant Na Daloon Kahin, Daman Daman

Kardia Tu Ne Jo Agar Mere Hawale Mujh Ko

Bada Phir Bada Hai, Mai Zehar B P Jaaon 'Qateel'

Shart Ye Hai K Koi Baahon Mai Sanbhale Mujh Ko

A Stranger You Were Once

A Stranger You Were Once

Then, With a Smile Which One Can Rely Upon

And A Glance of Luminous Knowing Eyes

You Held My Hand. For The First Time

And Assured Me. That...Someone Is There

To Fill My Ho-Hum Moments. With Laughter and Fun

To Brighten Up My Days. By Warm and Caring Love...And Thoughtfulness

You Gave Me Hope. When There Was No One Else

And The Strength to Go On With My Life

You Changed the Black Sun Rays of My Life into Yellow Hues of Cheerfulness

Now When the Rain Is Raining Droplets of Happiness on Me

My Heart Is Lost In Its Intoxication

It Desperately Yearns For Your Company

'Coz This Prevailing Distance between Two Hearts Is Like the Sweet Sting of Death

But I Know...The Day Will Definitely Arrive

When You Aura Will Be Embracing Mine

And The Whole Clime Will Be Lost In Silence

And It Will Seem As If There's No One Else In This World

Just You and Me. In These Shadows of the Stars...!

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